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The Suburbs, from Minneapolis, MN on hiatus these many years have emerged with a brand new album and the attendant excitement for a group voted by the Star Tribune as one of Minnesota’s “most important musical entities of the 20th Century.”

Original members Chan Poling, Hugo Klaers, and new members Steve Brantseg and Steve Price, along with horn section Max Ray, Rochelle Becker and Steven Kung are playing buzzed-about shows again, highlighted by their recent headlining appearance in downtown St. Paul in May ’13 at the Marriage Equality Act “Love Is The Law” rally where they delighted the crowd of thousands who gleefully sang along with the band’s signature tune of the same title. The internet buzz and meme-spreading clamor around the use of the band’s song “Love Is The Law” for equality campaigns is nothing short of thrilling.

Originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, the group got their first recording contract in 1977 with Twin Tone Records, along with groups like The Replacements, The Jayhawks, Husker Du, etc. They went on to record six albums for labels Twin Tone, Mercury/Polygram, and A&M Records, garnering the sort of critical acclaim and fan ardor deserving of one of the most original and fun groups of that sentimental era.

Their new album available on CD and vinyl, Si Sauvage, was released at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand and their subsequent plans are to extensively tour the Midwest, Europe as well as be available for select fairs, festivals and corporate events in 2014 and 2015. They are looking forward to connecting with old and new fans alike.

Chan Poling (keyboards, vocals) – a founding member of the band, and principal songwriter, Chan studied music at California Institute of the Arts where he was introduced to a wide range of modern music, including the bands that influenced the early Suburbs like The Talking Heads, The Sex Pistols, Television, The Clash and beyond. He also writes music for the theater, films and TV, is a member of the acoustic ‘new-cabaret’ trio The New Standards, and likes dogs.

Hugo Klaers (drums) – a founding member of the band, Hugo like to bang the drum (not slowly) and also works building state-of-the-art recording studios.

Steve Brantseg (lead guitar, vocals) – was a founding member of The Phones, the Minneapolis band that were label-mates of The Suburbs on Twin Tone Records in the first days of that influential label. Steve joined The Suburbs in early 2010, replacing original guitarist Bruce Allen, who passed away in 2009. He also plays with Curtiss A, among others, and is considered one of the leading lights in the Twin Cities guitar heavens.

Steve Price (bass, vocals) was in Rex Daisy, a popular mid-90s major label band from Minneapolis via Iowa. Price has also worked with Alison Scott and The Shiny Lights. In his spare time (ha) Mr. Price runs the knobs in his home studio and is a co-producer of The Suburbs latest release, “Si Sauvage”.

Jeremy Yvilsaker – (guitar, vocals) – is the latest member to join the band. He is a member of Alpha Consumer and The Cloak Ox. He’s played guitar onstage with Andrew Bird, Brother Ali, Martin Dosh and many others. Jeremy is the bomb.

The Tower of Flowers Horns: Max Ray (saxophone) was an original member of the seminal art-funk-punk band The Wallets and played on the early Suburbs recordings, he has toured with the band since the early 80′s. His wife, Rochelle Becker plays baritone sax and sings. Together they are in the jazz band Gondwana. Steven Kung  (trumpet, keys and vocals) is a member of H$B and in much demand as a session man around town. He also runs his own successful landscaping company.




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“The band was off the charts! It was so good to hear them again. They were perfect with Cheap Trick. Highly recommended!” Eric Jones-Midwast Wireless Center

“I love The Suburbs with an abiding and passionate love. They were the first band that I cared enough about as a teenager to sneak into the Longhorn Bar to see. Their album Credit in Heaven was a constant soundtrack of my life in college, and Dream Hog and In Combo were also major influences on my music.” - Dan Wilson – Multi Platinum Singer/Songwriter; 2-Time Grammy Winner for “Song of the Year”

“Inner city shout out to The Suburbs. Whenever I hear Love Is The Law, I remember making out with a high school crush in her mom’s basement. Intense. And then I feel old.” - Slug – Atmosphere, Rhymesayers

“This is a GREAT song and performance (“This Monkey” on the new CD), I just love it!! Beautiful in its music and lyric. The melody line played on the piano sends me over the moon!” - Peter Jesperson – Legendary Producer/A&R/New West label Exec : The Replacements, Drive By Truckers, Steve Earle, Vic Chestnutt, Etc.

“You haven’t lost a step, there’s a lot to like, particularly impressed w/the polish and detail in the arrangements, reminds at times of the best of latter period Leonard Cohen…” - Dave Ayers – VP A&R Chrysalis Music, Big Deal Music

“I am now going to tell you what I have been telling people relentlessly since I left Minneapolis for college in 1986: listen to The Suburbs. They’re the best band you’ve never heard of.” - Arthur Philips – Internationally bestselling author of Angelica, The Egyptologist,  Prague, etc.

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