A Guide To Choosing Your Wedding Band

3 years ago
"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."

Finding your partner in life is an adventure, showing your commitment and love to the world should be a fairytale. Weddings are notorious for being tedious to plan with all the choices to make, but as with many things in life, if you plan it right it will go smoothly.

Because weddings are a celebration of the union between two people, and a milestone that marks the beginning of the rest of their lives together, it should be a grand party where people have an occasion to dress up and get fancy and to also let their hair down all at the same time. 

Great weddings are full of little lights, bubbles of laughter, and smiles. Even with lots of wine and great food, a party can get a little stagnant without the right music to show the world that life is a celebration that night. The driving force behind this is the wedding band. Whether the band is a 10-piece ensemble or a duet, live music can stir the feet of even the most stately chair sitter. 

It’s entirely up to the Bride and Groom to pick the style of band they want; whether they want a traditional, contemporary, golden oldies sort of feel or a big band attitude. Live music has a way of getting people to tap their feet in rhythm, to sway in conversation, and to join other dancers that doesn’t always happen with a DJ. 

Make sure it’s in your budget, live bands are your entertainment for the night and they practice hard to be professional and fun. Be sure to run it by the venue first, to ensure there’s enough room for the band, and that the venue has no sound constraints. The venue can also then establish if they need more lights, power, etc. 

Keep communicating with the band up to the wedding. Make sure they understand your timeline for how you want the wedding to run. Consider when to schedule their breaks so you will be prepared to fill the silence. Constant contact with them will clear up things like set up time, requirements, special needs, etc. If the band is announcing toasts or family members, make sure they can pronounce the names so they don’t stumble over them. 

The magic of the band is in their proximity to the guests. If you place them on the far side of the room, you create too much distance, and the energy will feel disconnected and awkward. Placing the band close to the tables will connect everyone and make it less of a thing to non-dancers if all they have to do is get up from their chair and take one or two steps to join dancers. 

Finally, make sure you hire a professional wedding band. They will be properly attired, they understand how weddings run, and you will be protected contractually on both sides. Weddings run smoothly when everything is taken care of before the day happens. Reaping what you sow doesn’t have to be a terrible thing!

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