Big and Rich


John Rich and Kenny Alphin merged talents to create one of country music’s most attention-getting duos – Big & Rich. The two met in 1998. John was fresh off a stint with the country group Lonestar, embarking on a solo country career. Meanwhile, Kenny had just launched a band called luvjOi on the heels of a failed solo record deal.
After three writing appointments scheduled for the duo went unmet, the two finally made an appointment at which they penned the song “I Pray for You,” which John recorded as part of another solo endeavor that never saw the light of day. John and Kenny (a.k.a. “Big Kenny”) persisted, became friends and continued as collaborators. Their weekly Tuesday night jam sessions at Nashville’s Pub of Love became known as the Muzik Mafia
Big & Rich continue to tour and record as a duo.


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