Bob Newhart


Bob Newhart was an accountant at the age of 30, who created monologues as a diversion from his everyday life. He became famous with his best-selling recording of his first nightclub engagement, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart, which was released in 1960. A dry-toned satirist, Newhart starred in the television sitcoms The Bob Newhart Show, Newhart and BobNewhart served in the Army from 1952 to 1954, fighting in the Korean War. Upon his return, Newhart worked as an accountant and advertising copy editor in Chicago while also occasionally performing in a local theatrical stock company and writing comedy sketches for the radio. While working at the ad agency, Newhart and co-worker Ed Gallagher would make extended, random phone calls to each other throughout the workday. They eventually decided to record the phone calls and use them as audition tapes for comedy work. Gallagher began concentrating more on his job at the agency, while Newhart continued doing the phone calls on his own, a bit that would eventually become a staple of his stand-up act. In 1959, a disc jockey in Chicago heard his material and introduced Newhart to the head of talent at Warner Bros. Records, who signed the 30-year-old accountant to a contract based on his recordings.


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