Diesel Drive


Years in the making, from the ideas of two small-town farm boys, came to the machine known as Diesel Drive. One of the fastest growing new country bands to hit the scene, Diesel Drive is kickin’ up dust in Minnesota and the surrounding region. Country music runs deep with this bunch as each member was born and raised in rural areas of southern Minnesota. You could even say it’s in their veins as a portion of Diesel Drive is following in the footsteps of their family

They didn’t always see the light though; classic and hard rock led this bunch astray from the dirt road for years. Through numerous signs that country music was their calling, they all finally saw the light. Along with the transition came a unique, fast-paced and hard-rockin’ country sound that will blow your boots off into next week.

Since their inception in late 2013, Diesel Drive has been making waves in the local scene with their unique twist on country and energetic stage show. Whether it’s their northern style harmonious vocals or rockin’ country instrumentals, they do not disappoint. Word travels, and it has traveled fast for this group. Venues, festivals, and key figures in the area’s music industry have taken notice. Living up to their name, Diesel Drive knows just how to yank the inner-party out of their audience by hammering out the top country of today as well as older favorites. Be vigilant because they’ll soon hit you with their own hits.

Look out, because the party’s comin’!!


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