Mike Rowe


Sang professionally with the Baltimore opera.
Sold man-made diamonds as a QVC host and claims to have sold more than $100 million in merchandise.
Hosted in-flight video features, On Air TV, for American Airlines.
Spent three years as host of Evening Magazine in San Francisco.
Has appeared in commercials for Tylenol, Ford, Lee Jeans, Caterpillar and, with his parents, Viva paper towels.
Voice of Discovery’s Deadliest Catch Alaskan crab-fishing series.
Estimated that he’s narrated 1000 hours of television, including TBS’s Worst Case Scenario, History Channel’s The Most, and as a Discovery Channel staple involved with Egypt Week Live, Deadliest Catch and now Dirty Jobs.
Launched a website, MikeRoweWorks.com, in 2008 to bring attention to the decline of the blue-collar trades and the deteriorating American infrastructure.


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