Motel Sixx


ötel Sixx is a Minneapolis based, premier Mötley Crüe tribute band. Borne out of a love for the Crüe and an ability to produce their signature sound, Mötel Sixx formed when a random group of guys got together for a Rock Camp For Dads heavy metal performance. The story goes a little like this:

Things started rather normally – Jeff walked in with his Frankenstein bass, immediately greeted by ‘Magic’ Mike with his “hey, what’s up” smile and things started to take form. Then, Russ and Jason strolled in carrying amps, guitar cases, pedals and pretty much anything else that wasn’t nailed down at your local gear shop. From day-one, as the sweat ran off of our faces, we knew by the first break that this was the start of something special. Four strong weeks of rehearsals (as well as 3,000 or so emails) later, we took the stage for our inaugural performance. The place was packed…standing room only!

Another 3,000 emails and more than a few happy hours later, we nailed down our new Crüe set list. Once rehearsals resumed, however, we found there was something missing…That’s when the idea of adding a strong backup vocalist (and upping the stage girl: guy ratio) took form, giving us depth and adding gasoline to our already raging fire. That gasoline came in the form of Michelle (Mama Sin) Olson, with her ferociously smiling vocals and time-keeping dance moves, adding the final dimension to what is now Mötel Sixx.

Mötel Sixx has been performing since 2015 in various venues around the Twin Cities. Bringing a signature sound and energy reminiscent of the Crüe’s best days on the road, Mötel Sixx is guaranteed to entertain and leave the crowd wanting more.


For immediate attention call 651.464-7757