Tim McGraw


Tim McGraw was one of the most popular “Young Country” stars to emerge in the 1990s. After the release of his second album in 1994, McGraw quickly began to top charts and pack arenas. With his high-pitched, rather growly voice, he became known for his ability to stir up a range of emotions with everything from jumping dance tunes to heartfelt ballads. As he remarked to David Zimmerman in USA Today, “There’s a lot of people who can pick up a guitar and sing you a great song, but there’s very few people that can tell you how they feel. That’s the main purpose of acting or doing an opera or painting or anything. It’s to tell somebody how you feel and more importantly, tell them how they feel.”
McGraw’s strong appeal has led to millions upon millions of album sales, and a healthy list of awards from the likes of the Academy of Country Music, Billboard, the Country Music Association, Country Music Television, and more. Though some critics wondered after his first hit the controversial “Indian Outlaw” if he was going to be a one-hit wonder and fade into oblivion, McGraw has continued to score hits. In 1999, he released A Place in the Sun and toured with George Strait and then the Dixie Chicks. McGraw is married to another celebrated country star, Faith Hill.


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