Exclusive Venue Representation

  • Are you new to the music business?
  • Have you recently purchased a new live music venue?
  • Do you wish to upgrade your current entertainment?
  • Have you had bands that were misrepresented?
  • Have you paid too much?
  • Do you have time to check out each and every band that you hire?
  • Tired of talking to so many agents and bands?
  • Do you really know who and what will work in your geographic location?

The Music Works offers an easy and hassle-free solution to your entertainment needs; exclusive account representation. With a combined 50 plus years representing night clubs and entertainment venues in the Minnesota market, The Music Works staff can eliminate those unwanted calls, recommend the right entertainment at the right price and free up your time to concentrate on your core business. We do not book just our talented roster of clients, but all groups in the market, regardless of who represents them. We know which groups are doing well and where and also those groups who are not. We also know the fair market value of these groups as we are in constant contact with their representatives and the venues throughout the state where they perform. Our recommendations come with the proven track records of continued success and, best of all, this service is free 99% of the time!

Ask yourself this question: Would you or a member of your staff rather take the time to check out each and every band you wish to hire or would you rather have an established company make each recommendation knowing that your future business with them depends on it?

Exclusive Client Representation