We work with Casinos, multinational corporations as well as fairs, festivals, nightclubs, non-profit organizations and every type of private function imaginable to pair them with exclusive artists and national country and contemporary artists.

Talent Buyer & Entertainment Consultant

  • We discuss the details of your event, answer your questions and work with you determining your needs for specific demographic concentric events.
  • We provide a list of Artists available in the genre that you have determined is the best fit for your event, and make our recommendations based on our past experience.
  • We conduct custom research to determine an artist’s value, workability and performance standards.
  • We consult with you in order to present an offer that works for you, the buyer, as well as the artist.
  • Once an offer is accepted, we begin the contracting process and performance details including artist technical and hospitality rider requirements.
  • We provide you with all publicity material including Artists photos, bio, and other available publicity and/or media information in order to promote the event.
  • We remain in constant contact with you, your staff and the artist until the completion of the performance.

The Music Works offers more than just regional and national artist procurement:

  • Event conception and implementation.
  • On-site logistics and event management
  • Sponsorship.
  • Marketing and promotion.
  • Concert production and management (staging, sound/lights, staffing).
  • Social Media Implementation and maintenance
  • Pricing/ Cost

Most of our clients realize that even after our fee, they are saving money on what they have been quoted in the past. But more importantly, utilizing our services securing artists at a level that further advances their brand in their regional entertainment environment. All artist fees and production costs are detailed for your inspection. For too long, secrecy, added fees and non disclosure have been prevalent in the hiring process. We promote honesty and integrity concerning all aspects of the hiring process. Most of our competitors would not be comfortable opening their books to you. Ours are available for your inspection at any time.

Exclusive Venue Talent Buyer / Consultant

Due to the time consuming process of researching the right entertainment for your events as well as to forge a profitable partnership with our clients, The Music Works specializes in serving as exclusive talent buyer. We do so for numerous venues including fairs, festivals, nightclubs, casinos and Fortune 500 Corporations. This service is invaluable to our client venues that are looking to have a permanent presence in the concert & touring industry.

The advantages of using one talent buyer negotiating on your behalf:

We are entertainment professionals. We know which artists to seek for various promotions, and the ones to stay away from at all costs. Your time, as well as that of your staff, is valuable. Do you want to spend productive time answering calls and emails from the endless amount of agents and managers who may or may not be legitimate? By simply referring these calls to The Music Works, Inc., we will do the research and only present you with viable and credible options for your consideration.


Our custom research on artists tour histories is invaluable. We research an artists’s ticket pricing, percentage of venue capacity sold, size of venue as well as taking it a few steps further to speak with other venues and buyers who have hired artists under consideration. We want to know their experience working with the artist in all aspects of the engagement. The Music Works Inc. serves as the venue’s talent screener. We work for you. The final decision on hiring what we have found and recommend remains solely your decision. We simply relieve you of the burden of researching, negotiating and securing entertainment as well as completing the time-consuming paper work. This enables you and your staff to concentrate on day-to-day operations as well as marketing and promotion of your event.

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